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Wimberley Jewelers Presents Wimberley Glass Works And Elegant Jewelry

People have been talking about that little jewelry store they walked into on the square. Today, that little store has doubled in size. Thanks to the love and support of our clientele, Wimberley Jewelers now services our customers in any location through our online jewelry store.

Wimberley Jewelers offers a broad range of elegant and sophisticated jewelry collections, including designs by Fiona Sterling Silver, Christen Some’, Ocean Opal, Lorenzo, Hot Diamonds and many more. All of our collections combine modern beauty and timeless style. We have also acquired the prestigious handmade inlay jewelry work of Calvin Begay, and Greg Miller found in the most elite stores in the United States.
Focusing on fine jewelry, hand crafted collectables, and unique glass works, Wimberley Jewelers has taken a path towards unique, handmade, exclusive pieces that will give our clientele the pleasure of owning something special. Whether you are looking for a small gift, glass art, or a one of a kind piece of jewelry, you will not find a better selection or value.

Today, Wimberley Jewelers is still aspiring to introduce the latest and greatest gemstones as we started when we first introduced Green Amethyst to the Hill Country market, which has now become a staple in the jewelry industry. Our latest collections will attract the attention of passersby’s and of course, the best of friends!
Now featuring hand-blown glass works in Wimberley, inspired by the legendary designs of L.C. Tiffany, Philip J. Handel, Pairpoint, and others, Josephine Makora has captured the timelessness of America’s classic designers, and utilizes her own creative skills to develop unique designs that blend perfectly with today’s current home fashion trends and lifestyles.

Throughout our history, Wimberley Jewelers has set a standard as a leader in creating jewelry collections with universal appeal. We constantly strive towards elegance and uniqueness in the collections we carry. With a constant reminder that our customers have brought us to where we are today, we would like to thank you and keep you informed about what we are doing through our website, Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive news, coupons and promotions.

Warm Regards to All,

From all of us at Wimberley Jewelers

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