World's Finest Gemstone Globes

These beautiful gemstone globes are crafted with a variety of semiprecious stones that are individually hand carved to represent each country.  The sheer craftsmanship, solid weight and design are breathtaking to behold. It will be a wonderful conversation piece and the perfect addition to any home or office.

Each gemstone globe is made of hundreds of hand-cut, hand-shaped semiprecious gemstones, which can take hundreds of hours to inlay.

Gemstone Globe – 13′ Caribbean Blue


13 inch caribbean blue gemstone globe showcased on a antique silver ambassador 3-leg high stand

Price: $495.00

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Gemstone Globe – 9′ Marine Blue



9 inch Marine blue gemstone globe showcased on a Gold Colored Commander 3-Leg Table Stand.

Price: $195.00

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